Orpheus Male Choir

Originally men from Calvary Memorial Choir and Bridgeport Evangelical Church choir (since R. A. MacGillivray was choir director at both churches), with friends from other churches, prepared a concert for Calvary Church in 1927.  From that came the Orpheus Male Chorus somewhere in 1927. (There are details missing or discrepancies between various sources. It’s amazing actually. One published books even says “Orpheus Male Choir, Kitchener, found 1917, merged into the Kitchener-Waterloo Philharmonic Choir, 1922-present”. sigh)

The choir operated for 10 years before going dormant for 6 years, then ran for two more years before needing new leadership. At that time it merged with the Schneider Male Chorus.


  • 1927 – 1933/4: R. A. MacGillvray
  • 1935 – 1937: W. R. Mason
  • 1943 – 1946: Garfield Bender


  • 1929 – 1934: Miss Anna Hymmen
  • 1935 – 1937: A. H. Heller
  • 1943 – 1946: unclear, possibly A. H. Heller

The choir merged with the Schneider Male Chorus in 1947, since they were in need of a conductor and pianist.