Looking for an Accompanist

The Schneider Male Chorus needs to replace one of our two accompanists, starting in September 2021. (We are hopeful!)

Job description

The Accompanist is responsible for providing piano accompaniment to the Choir for half of all rehearsals and performances. The timing is negotiated with the second accompanist.

Skills and duties

  • Excellence as a pianist/accompanist
  • Ability to support the Choir as they learn new pieces by providing note support and/or accompaniment as required
  • Provides polished accompaniment at all concerts and community outreach performances
  • Good sight reading skills
  • May be asked to perform a solo on some occasions to be agreed upon with the Artistic Director
  • Supports the Artistic Director as they carry out their duties

Schedule / Time commitment

  • Beginning of September to June each year with major concerts to take place near Christmas and in the Spring.
  • Rehearsals are Monday evenings from 7:30pm – 9:30pm.
  • Community Outreach Concerts will be identified and agreed to by the chorus members and the accompanists.

Absence: If the Accompanist is unable to attend a rehearsal, it is their responsibility to make arrangements with the second accompanist in their stead.


Please direct resumes or inquiries to info@schnediermalechorus.ca.